Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Deals bring tourists to London

These summer months are being positive moment for hotels in the English capital , not least because the summer is a time of year that many tourists have holidays and London is a very prominent city . You might think that these good results come just behind the Olympics and that this event has a lot to do , but the fact is that hotels know that they are offering promotions are responsible for the good data achieved so far in summer.

Hoteliers have used these summer months to launch promotions and very tempting for all tourists , so they can enjoy a trip to London and not have to worry about an expensive hotel establishment , so that this summer occupation can be as good as it was last year .

So far we know that prices have moderated significantly since it aims to draw attention to tourists and therefore during the first half of August, the tourists will be able to enjoy four star hotel about 71 euros per night , which is always a price much cheaper than last summer .

Lowering prices has been without doubt one of the best strategies for hotels in the capital of London, especially since it is a time of crisis in which we find ourselves and this makes many tourists not to spend too much money on accommodation in the capital of England.